Original artworks: Works in this category include drawings, paintings & embroidery. These works are generally the most collectable and unique.

Embroidery: All embroidered works are hand-made and take many long hours to create. Embroidered pieces are highly collectable, and quite rare.

Original Editions: If a work is specified as an original edition, it means that it is handmade and has been released as part of a small, signed & numbered edition. The listed edition number corresponds to the one you will receive in the post. The price of editioned artworks will go up, as the number of available artworks goes down - in other words, editions will get more expensive as they sell out - so get your orders in early!  Editions are generally more affordable than original works, and are ideal if you are looking for something more unique than a print.

Customised Prints: If a work is described as a customised print it means that it is a reproduction that has been modified by hand. Customised prints are more valuable than standard prints.

Prints: If a work is identified as a print it is a reproduction and not an original. All limited edition prints are signed and numbered. All open edition prints are signed.

How long will my giclée print last?

The prints on sale in this shop are made using acid-free archival, museum quality fine art papers, and printed with Epson archival pigment inks. This means that they should have a life span of up to 200 years, given the right conditions. Ideally, prints are to be displayed under glass, or in an archival case, away from direct sunlight or extremes in temperatures and humidity. The prints have not been varnished or sprayed.

Do you sell Artist Proofs?

Yes, I also sell APs and if you are interested in buying an AP from an edition, then please contact me direct at sig@sigwaller.com

Will I receive a certificate of authenticity?

All artworks priced at €100 or above come with a signed certificate of authenticity.

How do you pack the art?

Smaller works on paper are wrapped in acid-free glassine paper, sealed in plastic and sandwiched in cardboard to keep their shape. They are shipped in a fortified cardboard envelope or letter-packing box.

Larger works on paper are wrapped in acid-free glassine paper, sealed in plastic and shipped in a tube.

Paintings and canvas works are wrapped in acid-free tissue paper and several layers of bubble-wrap and shipped in custom-made boxes.

Textile pieces are wrapped in acid-free tissue paper, sealed in a waterproof plastic mailer and shipped in a padded mailer or box.

How soon do I get my delivery?

You will find information on shipping & deliveries under T&C in the navigation bar above.

Can I pay in installments?

No, it is currently not possible to pay in installments. Supporting me on Patreon is the closest I can offer - (coming soon in 2018)!

Is the work sold framed or unframed?

All art sold through this shop is unframed. This way you have the freedom to choose the frame/s that best suit your personal taste and requirements.

Can you suggest some frames?

I recommend you get the work framed professionally by a good local framer. If this isn’t an option, then most interior design stores sell a variety of frames (Ikea's RIBBA series is a good choice).

Why aren’t more of your paintings for sale online?

Most of my paintings are currently not available for sale via this shop. Please contact me direct via sig@sigwaller.com if you are interested in buying one of my larger works. Paintings do represent a fantastic long-term investment, and owning one is an absolutely brilliant idea! :))))

I have more questions, how do I contact you?

You can contact me using the shop contact page, the chat function on my Facebook page, or via sig@sigwaller.com